Citizen's tram project attracts attention

Citizen tram project draws attention: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality KarşıyakaHe cut many trees on Cahar Dudayev Boulevard for the tram line he started building in. Karşıyaka When the trees in Sahil Boulevard faced the same danger, Metropolitan Municipality changed the project upon the reaction of the citizens.

While the trees got rid of the cutting at the last moment, the social networking site on Facebook recently KarşıyakaA photograph shared by Kamuran Sürer from the city attracted a lot of attention in the virtual world. Stating that the trams that will breathe the traffic in the city are one of the public transportation vehicles that are frequently used in Europe, Sürer underlined that the tram line can be built without harming the nature with the photo he shared.

Comment rained
Mavişehir-Karşıyaka Related to Tram Line KarşıyakaThe photo shared by Il Kamuran Sürer received hundreds of likes in a short time. Many Izmir residents also commented on the share of Sürer, who shared the photo of the tram that goes with the nature through the grass and trees in Warsaw, Poland. Surer, who wants to draw attention to the fact that tram projects can be done without harming the nature, also brought up an interesting idea about the tram line. Sürer, in the comment he wrote under the photo of the tram, said that the route of the line to be made should be changed. Sürer said, “Tramway is definitely not an alternative to İZBAN or the metro. İZBAN Banliyo (covers the city, out of center, even close towns), and the metro forms the city center and the main backbone. Tram and buses appeal to side streets like veins. ”



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