Tüduşaşlı workers invented semi-automated welding robot

Tüdemsaşl workers has invented a robot welding semi-automated: Turkey Railway Industry (TÜDEMSAŞ) Ibrahim Alkan working as a welder, together with the work they do in difficulty due to colleagues, spend less labor and semi-automated to eliminate errors that can occur during welding has invented a welding robot .

Ibrahim Alkan, father of 3 children, worked in the Tampon Manufacturing Department of TUDEMSAS Metal Works Factory, and co-founded a semi-automated welding robot with the support of TUDEMSAS General Manager Yildiray Kocarslan. Seeking to get rid of the negative effects of the gas supply to human life, Alkan and his friends decided to build a welding robot from some parts of TÜDEMSAŞ. Workers who invented a semiautomatic welding robot both accelerated production at the factory and escaped the negative effects of gas-fired welding on human life. Workers who spent less labor with the welding robot also eliminated any errors during welding.

Saying that they do the welding without holding it with their hands, Alkan said, “We are welding passenger bumpers, bumpers of freight wagons here. We weld the intake plates, reinforcing plates to the pipe and their flashes of the outer sleeve to the sleeve. We are doing gas welding here. We have prepared this resource in the apparatus before, we have reduced the work we have done in several operations to one machine. Here, we can make welding without holding the source. Together with our friends, we developed an apparatus for this. This process brought us the standard and quality in the source. We have been certified with this resource. The resources we made were tested. Positive results came from the test. When we were automatically certified, it was automatically certified because of the work we did at this machine. ”

Alkani said that thanks to the robot, there is no human error in the source and the quality has increased. We bring the bottom plate, reinforcement plate, pipe as automation without hitting this hand. We're centering here. It is a quality source that we can automatically start the work we are centered and get a source of film in a standard way. Before this time was long, we take the lower plate, we carry it by hand, we take the reinforcement plate, we carry it. We put the pipe on top of each other. We put them in three places and then we moved them again. Now we can start here without moving in the same place. We're saving 60 on time with this robot. There was a 100 percent increase in quality. You're not tired in the hands do not weld ”he said.

Alkan, TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Yildirim Kocarslan'ın with the efforts of the source robot will take the patent, he added.



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