Trains with the co-production of Stadler-Newag Companies

Trains that are the joint production of Stadler-Newag Companies: Introduced Flirt 3 type trains produced in partnership with Stadler and Newag companies in Poland. The first 20 electric train ordered by PKP Intercity was first introduced at the Katowice station in Poland after being tested during last July.

Christian Spichiger, president of Stadler, Poland, said in a statement that trains are being tested not only in Poland but also in other countries' railways to ensure the safety and comfort of the trains produced. He added that currently one of the trains still being produced has been subjected to some tests in Austria.

The first and second class trains with a total of 8'er cars are also equipped with a wagon. There are passenger information screens in trains, electric sockets in each seat and air conditioning system. In addition, the 160 can also reach a speed of km / h. All trains are scheduled to be put into service in December.

2013 billion zloty 1,15 (275 million euros) ordered in return for the 465 million zloty (111,2 million euros) in return for the year was agreed on the 15. 70 part of the cost of the agreement was covered by European Union funds.

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