Büyükakın's tram excitement

Büyükakın's tram excitement: I believe that rail systems are the most suitable model for urban transport in large but flat areas. The most important problem of the city in which we live is the incongruity of public transportation.

We are trying to maintain a very strange public transportation system that has been delivered to the minibus's culture, morality and pleasure. Of course, in this city there should be new options for public transportation, new and important investments should be made.

But in my opinion, for İzmit, the recipe for the public transportation system is not the tram - that is, the light rail system. You can run the tram in this city only in the east-west direction. However, the main congestion in the city's public transport system is in the north-south direction. As the city crowded, the settlements reached north and upwards, and a public transport system connected between the upper part of the city (north) and the lower part (south) could not be established.

In this context, the first step to improve the public transport system of Izmit is not the solution of light rail system, which only works in a flat environment. At least I think the priority would have to be given to a ropeway system, or to a monorail system, which could operate in the north-south direction, between people in the upper and lower part of Izmit, safely and economically.

In spite of everything, it would be unfair to say that the Izmit tram system, which is planned to provide a public transportation service to 7 thousand people in the first phase, will be a completely unnecessary investment. I think it will not be a proportionate benefit with the cost. During the construction period (at least 16 days), the distress of this cramped city may be bigger than it is thought. In the middle of the city's already inadequate and narrow streets, there will also be two large tram cabins, which are interchanged, and the traffic shortage may be even greater.

Izmit's tram project is a fantasy produced by AKP thinkers before the local election in 30 March 2014, saying, inde What we promise to this city, we can make sure that Nevzat Doğan wins Sefa Sirmen's election İzmit. Moreover, before the election, they brought a huge tram cabin and put them in the Anıtpark. When they won the election they couldn't step back.

I think that what I did to this city is an important favor that should be recorded in history. If I don't object, both with my writings and face to face sohbetIf I did not convince President Karaosmanoğlu with my presentations, this tramway, which would not work very well, would destroy Izmit's Walkway. In fact, I think President Karaosmanoğlu had not been very intimidated by this from the beginning. Also, the route was changed when reports revealed that historical plane trees could dry out over time if the tram passes through the Walkway.

Despite all my reservations, I believe that the İzmit Tram Project is an important innovation for this city. On Monday, the project finally held a signing ceremony for the final signatures. They invited me. I had a historic signature for Izmit and I was proud to witness this. I went..
Like every organization of the Metropolitan, a perfect presentation was prepared. I saw President Karaosmanoğlu, who had more walking in the summer and had a chance to swim as he had the opportunity, to be very fit and young. La You buy me a fish. You will understand those things. Sen "1 start fishing in September, I would be honored," I said.

Presentation, Secretary General Assoc. Tahir Büyükakın'ın began with the statement of the tram. Tahir Büyükakın, in my eyes is very smooth and really wants to do something in this city sincerely. But even with such a carefully prepared program, the 10 began with a delay of minutes. After the ceremony, the President and the general secretary said, ere Even the meeting was delayed by 10 minutes. As promised, 550 does not end on the day. Bu He claimed that Büyükak was going to end, and even returned to the contractor's firm and said, N Let's finish the job at 2007 October 29 and embarrass İsmet Çiğit. X
When Büyükakın started to explain the tram project he knew every detail very well he said:

Orum Since 1993, I have been speaking in front of my club. Academic. I remember my heart getting so excited when I was making this speech for the first time today. I was so excited when I learned I had a first child. Ilk

The tram project is very detailed. President Karaosmanoğlu's tree sensitivity is known. In the East Barracks Park of the route, a historic plane tree came out in front of them. Büyükakın, "To prevent damage to the plane tree, we made small changes, deviations on the route," he said.
President Karaosmanoğlu spoke at the ceremony very realistically. Kocaeli population is growing very fast, 2 said it is based on millions, tı We are late in transportation. But 10 years ago, the roads, bridges are not enough today. This tram will not be enough after a few years. We should now be able to get access to this city. We gotta do the subway. That's why we started to work. Bun

After the ceremony, I, the President, the Secretary General and the contracting firm's vice chairman of the Board of Directors passed to Antioch. There I met Necdet Demir, the official company of Gülermak, who will build the tramway. Demir said that they have made many metro projects both in Turkey and abroad and they have done tram projects in Konya and Eskişehir. Ini İzmit tram project is not a big business for us. We are stepping into Kocaeli with this project. Our main goal is to make the metros of this city. As

Metropolitan's ready for the tram. The contractor is very confident. The secretary of this work is the Secretary General Büyükak's excitement. Büyükakın, tartışıl Akçaray arak name and ığ blue turquoise inin tram cabin colors are not certain, can be changed by discussing the public, he said.

The clock counts back from the 550 day. The term, 2017 will be filled in early February. But between Sekapark and Otogar, we can take the tram at 29 October 2016. But let us know. The construction of this tramway road will take the urban traffic to a much larger extent.

Source: İsmet ÇİĞİT - www.ozgurkocaeli.com.t is



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