Book and coffee enjoyment at Taksim Metro

📩 07/12/2018 16:18

Enjoying books and coffee at Taksim Metro: Citizens will be able to read a book and drink their coffee while waiting at the Istanbul Bookstore, which is opened in Taksim Metro.

According to a written statement from Kültür AŞ, the new stop of Istanbul Kitapçısı's site, Taksim Metro, has been serving in many parts of Istanbul. Istanbul Bookstore, which started to serve with its new branch at Taksim Square Metro Entrance-1, aims to be a frequent destination for those who are curious about Istanbul and those who cross the city.

With the location of the new branch of Istanbul Kitapçısı at the entrance of the metro, it is estimated that the "book-reading passenger" squares, which are frequently seen in the underground transportation networks of Europe and the Far East, will be seen more frequently.

In the new branch of Istanbul Kitapçısı, which is well known to book lovers, there are products of the gift brand Hediyem Istanbul, which is owned by Kültür A.Ş. Hediyem Istanbul, the new brand created by Kültür AŞ for the design of Istanbul-themed souvenirs, consists of original designed souvenirs that will reflect the unique historical, cultural and artistic characteristics of the city and will be a souvenir.

Istanbul Bookstore, Beyoglu, Kadıköy It serves in 1453 stores: City Lines Pier, Eminönü Katip Çelebi Pier, Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall, Süleymaniye, Esenler Cultural Center, Panorama 9 History Museum, Taksim Metro and Mall Of Istanbul Shopping Center.

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