Samsun-Ankara high-speed line will enrich land owners

The Samsun-Ankara high-speed train line will enrich the land owners: the prices of the land located on the route of the high-speed train project, which is planned to be constructed between Samsun and Ankara and allocated to the budget of 10, has doubled.

A route study was carried out 4 years ago about the high-speed train project planned to be carried out between Samsun and Ankara, which is included in the investment program of Ministry of Transport, Maritime and Communication. Yüksel Project International Inc., which has been awarded the tender for the 2 million 591 thousand liras route survey, has determined the route to which the high-speed train will pass. After the route was announced, the price of land in the villages and neighborhoods where the high-speed train will pass has doubled.

Samsun, Amasya, Tokat, Corum, Yozgat and Kirikkale to be made to cover the 450 km long planned to be the main route of the Samsun-Kırıkkale Railway line will be the length of the 284 km. This main route will be constructed between the Yozgat Yerköy district and the Sungurlu district of Çorum. At the same time, a second connection line will be built between the districts of Merzifon and Tokat in Amasya.


Kirikkale-Samsun Railway line, Kayas-Yerkoy railway line approximately 112. km from Kirikkale province Delice district starting with the province of Corum Sungurlu district, Corum Central district, Corum Mecitozu district, Amasya Merzifon district, Samsun Havza District, Samsun, Kavak District will end in the center of Samsun.


In addition, in the Yozgat-Yerköy connection line, starting from the of Yerköy Sivas railway line, Yozgat passes through the district of Yozgat and the district of Boğazkale in Çorum province. km to be connected to the main line. On the connection line of Amasya Turhal, 68 with 189 of the Kırıkkale Samsun line. km from Merzifon station, Amasya, Suluova district and Amasya central districts of Tokat will end in the district of Turhal.


97 27 27 119 64 5 38 19 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX million cubic meters of splitting and XNUMX million cubic meters of filling are to be realized during the construction of the system, where the total number of stations will be XNUMX.

Here is the Fast Train route

Here is the planned route to be 450 km long; Baraklı village, Delice district in Kırıkkale province, Merzifon district in Amasya, Balgöze, Çaybaşı, Kamışlı, Saraycık, Sarıbuğday, Yeşil ören, Orta ova villages, Kayadüzü town, Suluova district of Amasya province news) .jpgKurnaz, Salucu, Uzunoba, Harmanağılı villages, Amasya Central villages Boğazköy, Fındıklı, İpekköyü, Kapıkaya, Kayabaşı, Ovasaray, Aksalur, Damudere, Karaçavuş, Kızoğlu, Yeşildere villages, Yozgat province Yerköy district Karacaahmetli, Hacıosmanlı villages, Yozgat Merkez Örencik , Söğütlüyayla, Aydoğan, Karalar villages, Çorum province Sungurlu district Gafurlu, Beşdam, Karakaya, Kırankışla villages, Çorum Center, Narlık Salman, Kalehisar, Kiranlık, Sapa, Hamdi, Sazdeğirmeni, Sarımbey, Çayhatap, Yenice, Bozboğa, Ömerbey, Bayat, Ahmediye , Kuşsaray villages, Çorum Mecitözü district Çiftli, Gökçebel, Pınarbaşı villages, Çorum Boğazkale District Örenkaya, Evci Beldesi, Toka t Turhal district Samurçay, Sütlüce villages and Tokat Merkez, Samsun Havza district Central Çeltek, Paşapınarı, Mısmılağaç, Tuzla, Karageçmiş, villages, Bekdeði Town, Samsun Kavak District, Çukurbük, Kayabaşı, Doruk, Montenegro, Üçhanlar, Kuzulan, Muratbeyli, Dura, The region will be the last stop in the region of Asçirişli, Aşağıçirişli, Tatarmuslu, Tabaklı, Kurşunlu, Germiyan, Güneyce and the Canakkale, Kaleboğazı, Demirci village and Central Derebahçe district of Samsun.

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