New Metro Line to Prague

New Metro Line to be Made in Prague: A statement was made to bring a new line to the Prague metro, the capital of the Czech Republic. According to the statement made by the Prague city council, it was stated that the D line will be built after the A, B and C lines of the city metro. The trains to be used on this line are planned to serve with 3 wagons and without wagons.

10,6 will be located in km as well as 10 units stations. The line that starts from Namesti Miruta in the south of the city will continue to be divided into two parts. The first part ends at Modrany station, while the second section will end at Depo Pisnice station. In addition, some stations within the line will be connected to the A, B and C lines.

The construction of the ongoing line will start in 2018. The line will be launched as 2022 or 2023. The cost of the construction of the line is expected to be the 35,9 billion check box (4-miar tl).

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