More Support for Samsun Fast Train Project

More Support for the Samsun Fast Train Project: Republican People's Party (CHP) Samsun Deputy Kemal Zeybek, Ankara-Samsun between the high speed train project announced that they want to be implemented in a short time.

CHP Samsun deputy Kemal Zeybek, Ankara-Samsun, said in a statement about the high-speed train project, "Ankara-Samsun fast train in a short time to implement the parliament will give a question proposal. This project is a must for Samsun. I will do my best as Samsun deputy in this regard. The high speed train between Samsun and Ankara will provide great benefits for our city. This project should be implemented as soon as possible, Bu he said.

Underlining the need to act as MPs in important investments in Samsun CHP Samsun deputy Kemal Zeybek, said in a statement about the Ankara-Samsun high-speed train project.

Arası I followed the Samsun Railway Governor İbrahim Şahin's explanations and his sensitivity to the subject regarding the high-speed train project between Ankara and Samsun. We are next to the Governor for the fast train to Samsun. In order to realize this project in a short time, everyone should put their hands under the stone. I consider this project as Samsun deputy. And I want this project to be acquired in Samsun in a short time. In order to bring this project to life in parliament, I will do my best to get a high-speed train to Samsun by giving a proposal and discussing with the relevant ministries. I would like to know that I will support the work to be carried out in Samsun to support this project, no matter which political party it is. Bu

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