High Speed ​​Train Statement from MHP Samsun Deputy Hüseyin Edis

High Speed ​​Train Statement by MHP Samsun Deputy Hüseyin Edis: Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Samsun Deputy Hüseyin Edis stated in the explanation of the high-speed train, “Of course it must be a high-speed train. However, high-speed train alone is not enough, it does not make sense. ”

Edis stated that he is a follower of the efforts in high speed train in Samsun and made relevant statements.

“Who doesn't want the high-speed train. Edis said that Samsun is a modern and modern city and we all strive, “But it makes sense to move people from one place to another in a purposeless way. First of all, it is essential to create an economic power that all our citizens can benefit from this service. "A certain amount of budget should be added to the high-speed train project, which is determined to cost 6.5 billion lira, and a freight transport line should be added."

Edis noted that the money can already be reached by 1 hours in the shortest possible time by using the aircraft and continued as follows:

“The products produced in two lands such as Bafra-Çarşamba Plain where the productivity in agriculture is at the top level remain in the hands of the producer. Due to the freight expenses, the manufacturer cannot sell its product and cannot create a wide market network. In other words, citizens produce, but they have financial difficulties in finding a market area where they can sell their products, and when they find a market area, they move their products there.

Since we want high-speed trains, our aim should be to support economic development. Look at the world. In many countries, you cannot carry a certain amount of cargo by cargo. When carrying someone, he must have a purpose. Now that we are doing this, if we are doing this for six and a half billion, we can do fast freight transportation by putting two more billion and doing another double direction 5-10 meters beyond. I think this project should be considered like this. Then the watermelon in Bafra does not stay in the peach field on Wednesday. In Ankara, we eat melon instead of 3 liras for 1 lira. The villager would sell his product for 10 cents, not 50 cents. Therefore, both producers and consumers will win. This should also be considered when building a high-speed train.



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