Measures increased in public transportation in Izmir

Measures were increased in public transportation in Izmir: Izmir Governor's Office and Provincial Security Directorate increased the security measures in Izmir due to the terrorist incidents in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia. TCDD 3, where people go, especially to use public transportation. The number of entrances and exits in the ward connected to the Regional Directorate has been reduced and it has been started to be provided from one point. It was emphasized that similar measures were increased in other provinces.

Due to increasing terrorist incidents in recent days, the annual permits of the police were removed, while mandatory leave dates were also shortened. Security and special security units were being warned in the regions where the number of people, especially the public institutions, were being warned. TCDD 3. While measures were increased at the transportation points connected to the Regional Directorate, it was reduced to a better examination at the entrances at the Alsancak Station where the passenger trains intersect with İZBAN, where 300 transported nearly a thousand passengers a day. Security cameras facing the main street were placed in the interior and the entrances and exits were kept under control. In addition, other security measures were also taken.


İZBAN officials, a single door because of some citizens complain that the application was made for security reasons, he said. The authorities said that this door was closed temporarily but that this period did not cover a specific time. Ancak Stations and public transportation sites are potential risk areas. That's why we have to take precautions. So far, no trouble. Citizens in the application by showing sensitivity to expect problems, "he said.

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