KOSBİ railway connection will be in service soon

📩 07/12/2018 16:34

The KOSBI railway connection will be in service soon: Development plans for the Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone (KOSBİ), which was approved by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology last month and opened the way for 40 million-dollar investment, have started.

With the formation of new industrial parcels after the approval of the parceling plans, KOSBİ will double the number of factories. The area where the 470 industrial plant operates will reach the 950 industrial plant with the opening of new industrial parcels. 22 will be provided to a thousand people with new facilities in the area where a thousand people are employed.

New industrial plots
Cüneyt Öztürk, who recently sat in the position of KOSBİ Regional Directorate, said that after the approval of the development plans, a rapid period of work started in the region. Ozturk pointed out that the companies that could not invest in the region for a long time did not invest in the region, started 40 million-dollar investment in the first place. 1300 3. Preliminary work for the phase parceling was completed. We expect approval from the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. These works will be completed at the end of certain legal periods. In this way, new facilities will be established in our region. Currently, the number of factories with 1 will double to 470. The employment of the region will also find the 950 thousand. Böl

Natural gas station to be established
Ozturk said that the capacity of the sample treatment plant they built in the region will increase from 10 to 20 thousand cubic meters per day with the support of IZKA. Ozturk, the tender will begin to work soon, he said. Emphasizing that the electricity system in the region has been modernized, Öztürk also stated that they will also establish a new natural gas measuring station in the region. Explaining that the railway connection will take place very soon, Öztürk said, ye The construction of the railway station was completed. It will soon be operational. In this way, the products of the factories in the region can be transported to all parts of the world with our railway connection and our country with port connections. Bö

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