The Stone Land of Yalova with the Bay Bridge Turns Gold (Video)

With the Gulf Bridge, Yalova's Stone Soil became Gold: With the Izmit Bay Bridge under construction, the lands in the region were rapidly valued. Industrial zoned lands of 10 pounds per square meter, reached 300-400 liras.

Thanks to the Izmit Bay Crossing Suspension Bridge, which is under construction within the scope of the Gebze-İzmir Highway Project and is planned to be opened by the end of March next year, land prices in Yalova have increased 2-3 times. It has been reported that the value of real estates, the price of which was 100 thousand liras previously, has increased to 250-300 thousand liras in Altinova district where the southern part of the bridge is located.


In his statement to the AA reporter, the Mayor of Altınova, Metin Oral, stressed that the land prices, which had increased in the areas of the shipyard where the shipyard was previously built, rose again with the suspension bridge. Stating that the landowners, and therefore the people of the region, are satisfied with this situation, Oral said, “There is a serious increase in value in the region at least now with the suspension bridge and this will continue.”


Oral, the mobility in the housing sector in the last two years, both themselves and the environmental municipalities can be understood from the building permits.


“Our region will turn into a center of attraction because it is right in the middle of Kocaeli, Bursa and Istanbul trio. The turmoil, turmoil and traffic density in these areas is not here, it is calmer here. It has a beautiful nature and a green forest area. We have agricultural fields and our land is fertile. Also, this place is very close in terms of transportation to big cities and those who come here will not see that turmoil of the rate. These are the biggest attraction of this place. So this is a place where people will escape from noise and pollution. ”


Cevdet Karataş explained that he has been dealing with construction works and real estate for nearly 20 years. Touching on the advantages that the bridge has started to provide, Karataş said: “Buyers are sellers, so both sides are profitable. As a result, the person who waits for his real estate earns more, and the buyer will make a premium 2-3 times as much as he / she waits.


In real estate sales in this region, we can see that the deeds have changed hands 3-5 times in succession. Those who want to invest may prefer to prefer Altinova, Kaytezdere and Yalova. When we look at the prices here, the first shipyards were built in 2005.


Industrial zoned lands of 10 pounds per square meter were 300-400 liras. Currently, 600-700 liras are mentioned for these regions. Today, the square meter prices of the sea view plots, which used to see the bridge, were 50-100 liras and reached 600-700 liras. For example, we can see that a real estate of 100 thousand liras is sold for 250-300 thousand liras. ”



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