Konca, Near the Bars Street Shopkeeper

Konca stands by Bar Street Tradesmen: Kocaeli Deputy Ali Haydar Konca came together with the owners of entertainment venues on Bar Street. Speaking about the entertainment places that will be demolished for the tram project, Konca said, "I will always be with the owners of the entertainment venues in legal terms."

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and Güler Mak A.Ş. The first step for the tram project, which is on the agenda, was the first steps taken with the protocol signed. The work of the tram, which was said to end in 550 days, was not started yet and it was decided to demolish the Bar Street which is within the scope of the crossing of the tram. Yusuf Ziya Tom, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kocaeli Entertainment Center Investors Association, held a press release today at Bars Street. HDP Kocaeli Deputy Ali Haydar Konca was in the press release. Konca said that he would always support the entertainment owners and added: Kon Our understanding of local governments is the same as HDP. In this sense, I'll always be there for the owners of the entertainment places in the legal sense. Ben


Saying that they are the victims of the tram project, Tom said: “We want the Project for Reconstruction of Entertainment Places to be started and run simultaneously. This situation is also important in order not to arise the problems that may occur. We expect the political actors of this city to take steps to solve the problem. "We continue to believe that the efforts and goodwill we have shown from the very beginning will be supported for our city to attain better quality, more prosperous and healthier entertainment environments."

I'll be there

HDP Kocaeli Deputy Ali Haydar Konca made the following statements in the press release he came to support; “While performing the tram service, the legal infrastructure must be sound. Victims should be listened to and their requests taken into account. The promises made to the project and the owners of the entertainment venues should proceed simultaneously and the grievances should be eliminated. As HDP, this is our understanding of local governments. In this sense, I will always be with the owners of entertainment venues in legal terms. "

Günceleme: 07/12/2018 16:19

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