Alcoholic venues in Izmit, tram victim

Alcoholic venues in Izmit are victims of the tram: Within the scope of the tram project of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, alcoholic entertainment places were a problem among the buildings to be demolished on the line.

Within the scope of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality's tram project named 'Akçaray', there were also places of entertainment with alcohol among the buildings to be demolished on the line. Entertainment operators said that the proposal to make a place for them on the 16-decare land behind the International Exhibition Center was not accepted.

Many buildings will be demolished due to the tram project, which will be carried out by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and whose tender is made and the last route is determined. Within the scope of the project planned to transport passengers at the end of 2016, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Real Estate and Expropriation Department's Expropriation Branch Directorate has 12 alcoholic entertainment venues in the buildings to the west of Şahabettin Bilgisu Street, known as Bar Street, within the scope of expropriation along the line. Along with these operators, a notification was made to the tradesmen operating in the buildings for their blasting.


The operators, who wanted to be shown a new place for two months, finally visited Kocaeli Governor Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu and Metropolitan Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu. Stating that Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has asked the entertainment venue operators to show a place, Yusuf Ziya Tom, President of Kocaeli Entertainment Places Investors Association (KEYDER), said:

“At the request of the municipality, we wanted it to be placed in the 16-decare land behind the International Fair Center. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu said that this project will not be due to the coastal law. We asked him how the coastal law was applied to them even though there were many buildings in the same place. They said they would be helpful if we were shown another place. We constantly linger. "


Saying that the tram project is a project that closes the entrances and exits of the city, Tom said, “We will not raise our hands when we send a notification and empty it. The proposed expropriation figures are very funny. They offer 3 thousand liras for a 260-storey place of a business owner. A friend was given 150 thousand liras for his one-storey place. While even a single flat is more than 120 thousand liras, it is very wrong to offer these numbers to workplaces in the city center, ”he said.


Saying that business owners were left in a difficult situation, Uzay Yıldırım said, “It was said to find a place for us. It is out of the question for us to find it. The municipality offers us a choice and we give our views on those places. "We do not have the chance to know where it is suitable for bars or not."


Stating that the right holders were damaged, Timucin Sayıner said, “Here, it is possible to buy an average workplace for 300 thousand, 500 thousand liras or million liras. There is a loss of rights holders here. Our bread is going from our hands ”he said.

Hasan Aydınlar, one of the operators who stated that their aim is only to earn a living, said, “The main duties of the public administrations of the cities are to increase the social and cultural lives of the people living in that city. The world view of those who rule the city may be different. Nobody gives them the right to pressure and destroy the people who do this job. Without losing our social, economic, political and cultural rights, they should not touch our bread like previous municipalities did. "It is their obligation to show us where we can wage our war of bread."

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