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Teleferik enthusiasm in Izmir: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's 15.5 million pounds renewed the Teleferik Facility, at the end of the week 10 carried close to a thousand visitors.

With the view of both the gulf and the dam lake, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has renewed the Balçova Cable Car which is one of the city's most important tourist facilities. The first day of the 31 person moved to the new ropeway, the end of the week was almost flocked to visitors. Despite the warm weather from the 1.709'dan starting to come to the front of the plant began to attract interest in the evening even more. 09.30 10.00 visited 23.00 on 4 and 285 bin 5 on Sunday. So I just approached the building of the number of citizens 335 browsing facilities in 2 days.

There were also people from outside of the city, especially to the Balçova Cable Car Facilities, where the children showed great interest. Citizens who heard that the ropeway opened with great enthusiasm Balçova'da received. The people of İzmir, who came to the cable car many years ago, said that the new cars were faster and they liked the cafes in the promenade area very much.

5 is free for children under the age of

Despite the warm weather, they are very happy with the interest of the operator of the establishment of the General Manager Reim | Pekerten, the cable car for children under the age of 10.00 free, the landing - exit fee of the 22.00 TL. stressed.

For every taste, every budget

Mr. Hasan İkat, General Manager of Grand Plaza A.Ş., who is in charge of the operation of the facilities in the promenade area, emphasized that they had a keen interest, and underlined that all necessary preparations were made for the citizens coming to the facility to relax and have a peaceful time. Ikat gave the following information:

Doğu In the eastern part of the facility, we set up a watchhouse on the terrace overlooking the gulf. There is a snack bar on the west cruise terrace with a view of the dam lake. Two-storey coffee, especially in the terrace part of the pine trees to watch the sunset in the pine trees of Izmir, again with aperitif food and hot and cold drinks can reach. In the Park Café, which is created next to the children's playground, there are more food like ice cream, cotton candy and boiled corn. The grill varieties are served at the Grand Cafe, while the fast-food and cold-hot drinks are sold at the Budak Cafe. At the summit of the facility, we offer a controlled barbecue service at 'Et Evi'. Citizens will cook their own meat varieties and delicatessen products from the meat house, which are burned for themselves. In addition, the market is providing services to citizens outside the cable car facility to meet the needs of the established market.

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