Day in İzmir Opened Cable Car that Repaired

The day that opened in İzmir was repaired: The cable car service was shut down in Balçova Teleferik Facilities, which was closed in 2007 in İzmir on a risky report and re-opened eight years later.

Balçova Teleferik Facility, which was closed on the risky report in 2007 in İzmir and was put into service again after eight years, experienced a hitch due to technical breakdown. On the last day of the opening of the ropeway by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, the same day at the clock 19.30 queues occurred. Due to malfunction, the cabins were suspended in the air for a while. The passengers were evacuated after the fault was rectified. It is reported that the fault has been rectified and restarted from this morning. Metropolitan Municipality Council Deputy Chairman of the AK Party Bilal Dogan, reacting to the situation, lem For years, the people of İzmir longing for the cable car, the first day of the system with their troubles remained in the crop. Urgent precautions should be taken. Ac

The first trip to the Balçova Teleferik Facility, which was renewed by the Metropolitan Municipality for 15.5 million liras, made Mayor Kocaoğlu, the district mayors and council members. After the opening of the cable car, the same day, the 19.30 queues were broken. Passengers suspended in the air for a while were evacuated after work. The malfunction lasted until this morning. The expeditions have resumed today.


Balçova Cable Car Facilities were renovated to carry a thousand 200 passengers per hour. The duration of the journey with the 20 cabin of the eight-seat cabin 2 42 minutes. Total cost of the ropeway system, stations and recreation area arrangement is 15.5 million TL.


The first day of the failure of the system, the system will not adversely affect the operation said. Metropolitan Municipality officials made a statement on the subject, because the automatic distance between the cabins do not enter the regulatory system, the system automatically hangs for a while for the security of the cabin, the problem has been solved and voyages started again this morning, he said.

City Council AK Party Deputy Chairman of the Group Dogan, the cable car reacted to failure in the first day. Bilal Dogan emphasized that for months the trial was carried out under the supervision of the municipal bureaucrats and the engineers coming from abroad. Sefer The trial expeditions were over, the ropeway went into service and hours remained on the road. How will our fellow citizens of Izmir use the ropeway in peace of mind? We're worried about a system that stays on the first day, whether there will be bigger faults in the future. For this, we call on the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has opened the cable car with the motto çağır Again Re-Cable Car Bun, to take immediate action on the issue. Our greatest fortune is our citizens of Izmir. They have been deprived of the ropeway for years, and now they are half-assed. Onlar

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