Name of Controller Ertan Maksut Will Live in Yht Line Tunnel

Ertan Maksut will live in the Yht Line Tunnel, where he works in the construction of his name: Ertan, who lost his life with the geological engineer Timuçin Kızılırmak (2), who was found as a result of the crash of the truck while watching the works on the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line, where he worked as a quality control chief near Bilecik 54 years ago. The name of Maksut (47) was given to the YHT tunnel No. 29 in Bilecik.

In the traffic accident that took place at the Naldöken Junction on the 18th kilometer of the Bilecik-Bozüyük highway on August 1, 2013, Ertan Maksut and Timuçin Kızılırmak got off the 34 US 2551 license plate parked on the roadside and started to watch the YHT line works. Meanwhile, 34 DH 6299 plate trucks, headed by Zafer Kapucu, heading towards Bozüyük, hit the car parked. Timuçin Kızılırmak and Ertan Maksut, standing next to the car hit by the truck, got stuck between the car and the barriers. The seriously injured Kızılırmak and Maksut could not be saved in the hospital where they were removed.

The name of the quality control chief Ertan Maksut was given to the tunnel No. 2 YHT line near the place where the accident occurred in the 29nd year of his death. Gönül Maksut, the mother of 2 children who was the Chief Editor of Eskişehir Courthouse, thanked the officials of the contractors of the TCDD and YHT line, who contributed to the immortalization of her husband's name by tunnel. Gönül Maksut said that he is proud of his wife, who worked meticulously in the YHT project for 5.5 years, who controls his life, and that they will carry their pain in their hearts for a lifetime.

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