Haydarpaşa Port Master Plan

📩 07/12/2018 16:32

Haydarpasa Harbor Master Plan Revocation: The court decided to cancel the Harem region and Haydarpaşa Port and Back Zone 1 / 5000 Master Plan, noting that the principles of planning, planning principles and public interest are not suitable.

Haydarpaşa Solidarity for Society, City and Environment announced its cancellation decision with a press release on the station stairs. The slogan "No to war, Haydarpaşa Gardır" was shouted in the action, where the banner "We will not plunder Haydarpaşa Station and Port" was opened.

10 year-long struggle

The fight against the capital-focused project threat of Haydarpasa Station and its environs has been going on for more than a year.

Haydarpaşa station in 2012 with the decision of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council, Kadıköy Two zoning plans were prepared for the Harem region, Haydarpaşa port and backyard with its square and its surroundings.

Turkey Port and the Black unloading the shipment Workers Union (Liman-İş), United Transport Workers Union, the Chamber of Architects Istanbul Metropolitan Branch, Chamber of Chamber of City Planners Istanbul Branch, plans litigates in the same year on the grounds that it is contrary to public interest.

Court: not in the public interest

Istanbul 5th Administrative Court decided on 27 July the case regarding the plan involving Liman. In the decision, three points were pointed out regarding the illegality of his plan:

The proposed religious, cultural, tourism, commercial and tourism, residential and cultural uses of the planning area in the area of ​​the landfill are in contradiction with the Coastal Law and Implementing Regulation numbered 3621.

Although the coastal area covering the landfill is under the responsibility of the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement, the lack of approval is not in compliance with the legislation.

Decisions on the use of the cruise port, which constitutes the 45 of the coastline, to sub-scale decisions create undefined and unlimited urban commercial building potential. The use of cruise port is unlikely to cause imbalance throughout the plan and is uncertain in terms of planning principles.

"Apply the court order"

Akif Burak Atlar, Board Secretary of TMMOB Chamber of City Planners, said that the cancellation of the conversion of the gar and its close surroundings to tourism and trade area has been prevented.

Gar and Kadıköy Reminding that the lawsuit filed against the master zoning plan, which includes the square and its surroundings, continued, they said they expected the cancellation decision to be issued in that case.

In the joint statement he read in the name of solidarity, he called on relevant institutions, including IMM and the General Directorate of State Railways, to implement the court decision, to withdraw capital-oriented plans and to continue the use of the Station as a station building.

Üsküdar district Harem area and Haydarpaşa Port and Back Field Master Zoning Plan with a scale of 1/5000, Harem autohar area and Salacak pier in the north, a large part of Haydarpaşa Port Area in the south, Marmara University Haydarpaşa Campus, GATA Haydarpaşa Military Hospital in the northeast, Selimiye Barracks in the northeast and the military zone and Şemsi Pasha, the borders adjacent to the wooded slope forming the Salacak Natural Site area.

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