Open Factory in Gebze BPW, to Continue Investing in Turkey

BPW Open Factory in Gebze, Turkey will continue its investments in Ed: the trailer axle production, which is one of the world's largest manufacturer BPW, Turkey adventure of over 25 years, is crowned with a brand new factory investment. Turkey and all kinds of transportation activities in connection with the trailer parts, including investment decisions with over 100 years of knowledge in the field of BPW Turkey, Gebze Organized Industrial Zone realizing approximately 10 million Euros investment is starting production. With that 45 percent shareholder in the trailer market in Turkey most preferred axle manufacturer, BPW, with this investment together both to produce the types axle appealing to 90 percent and Turkey markets 60 thousand units of capacity to export to countries in the region from Turkey preparing to realize.

indispensable in the manufacture of the region, especially in Europe with experience in the automotive and supply industry has Turkey, which has become the center of new investments bpw'n. BPW, which has been operating for 117 years as a symbol of trust in the trailer sector with its products and unique service understanding to its customers, has reached a turnover of 2014 billion Euro in 1.2 and continues its investments to meet its growth target. In this regard, BPW following the 25 years, Turkey market, Turkey's geographical position, the top position in the production of trailers, the road traveled in production technology, the last 10 years has 2 times more than growing sectors and including peripheral countries to invest in Turkey with the tree they export potential took the decision.

BPW Chairman of the Board Michael Pfeiffer said that BPW Turkey has both its own market and an export market in this sector and that they foresee an increase in the number of markets in the coming period, and informed that with the investment, not only axles but also superstructure products will be produced in Turkey. Michael Pfeiffer, stating that BPW decided that Turkey is the right address for investment when Turkey is a transit point due to its geographical location and when Turkey's truck/trailer park is evaluated, said, “Investment is an issue that BPW deals with within the framework of its long-term plans. Despite Turkey's current temporary political uncertainty, BPW has full faith in Turkey's future. Our focus is a huge acceleration with the stability to be achieved. kazanThis is the medium and long term period that we think will We aim to provide services to neighboring countries through Turkey and to export with the production we carry out here.”

bpw'n's innovative and is an innovative family-owned company and the investment will reach approximately 60 percent of the products of the local content of said BPW Turkey General Manager Hüseyin Akbas said: "After Germany in trailer production coming second in Turkey, axle like us also has a great importance for manufacturers. 75 thousand units and has an annual market volume of approximately axle 140 million euros in Turkey. On the other hand, Turkey logistics industry, a successful Turkish companies have come through some very good points situation. Also thanks to the industry's mega-projects in Turkey, we foresee the growth of both domestic and in neighboring countries with rapidly developing market will continue for many years. Therefore, this investment has a vital lead that we have realized in Turkey. We aim to gradually increase the number of employment we create with the factory investment to the upper levels. Fabrika

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