Interesting items forgotten on trams in Samsun

Interesting items forgotten in trams in Samsun: In Samsun, the forgotten items in rail vehicles and stations are astonishing.
Citizens who forget the intensity of everyday life can forget their belongings in public transportation. The forgotten items in trams, stations and buses are waiting for their owners in the lost goods section of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Light Rail System Administration (SAMULAŞ) General Directorate. Forgotten items include college diploma, bicycle, ney, laundry and plates.

SAMULAŞ also keeps some clothes and stationery items in the lost goods section for a certain period and then donates them to charities. During this period, 4 bin material was donated to charities.

SAMULAŞ General Directorate Support Service Manager İbrahim Şahin stated that every item found was recorded. 'The items here are composed of the trams in our 21 station, the buses of SAMULAŞ, the ropeways and the items forgotten in Tekel Car Park. These items are delivered to SAMULAŞ lost goods store in exchange for the minutes. The lost items are posted on the website of SAMULAŞ after being registered. When we announce the lost item, we pay attention to the following: For example, we do not write the brand and features of the phone when the phone is found. We just announce the 'phone found'. When the trappings were found, we were only writing the name of the tricks. After we have documented that the goods belong to the persons coming to take their lost belongings, we give them in return for the record. We have 2 end stations, including our University and Station. Security personnel, each of the trolleys to the end of the call by detecting the remaining items to keep the record. He is sending forgotten belongings to our lost warehouse. Unut


Şahin said that even those who forgot their university degree, em Citizens forgets identity, driving license, books, stationery, children's toys and umbrellas. The most interesting lost item I've ever seen was a bike. He forgot the bicycle and he left. That was very interesting for me. We have a friend who forgot his college degree. Although we published this diploma on the internet did not come to receive. 90 of the people who lost their valuable items come from here. School season is opening. After the school season, books and stationery supplies are forgotten. If citizens have forgotten their belongings at SAMULAŞ's stations, they can come to our warehouse after we look at our website ı.

Also at the moment SAMULAŞ is waiting for the lost property owner registered in the 2 bin pen in the lost goods store.

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