Diyarbakır Station Building is being renewed

Diyarbakir Station Building is refreshing: Turkey's Diyarbakir with the West opened one of the oldest railway track renovation work was carried out even in the past years.

This drop in after work in order 1935 and 80 Republic of Turkey Diyarbakir years serving the State Railways (TCDD) Diyarbakır Station Renovation of the building began.

23 1856 130 In the 1927 1930 in September 1931 started the first railway line of the 1933 km Izmir-Aydin line hit by a British company. In order to reach the potential production centers, natural resources, to spread the economic development at the country level and to reach especially the less developed regions, 1934 in Kayseri, Sivas in 1935, Malatya in XNUMX, Niğde in XNUMX, XNUMX Elazığ and XNUMX Diyarbakır railway network .

He made an important contribution to the development of Diyarbakır

The railway network, which became a political symbol of the Republic and one of the most important state enterprises associated with the early Republican era, reached Diyarbakır. Diyarbakir was one of the important cities of the region with the railway transportation that contributed to the development of the city's economic, social and cultural life.

Reflects modern architectural features

Two-storey Diyarbakır Station Building reflecting the characteristics of modern architecture, large rectangular windows on the lower floor, horizontal lines with smaller square windows on the upper floor and vertical sunscreens, symmetrical, unadorned arrangements, flat roofs, and geometric facade compositions make the building one of the first examples of modernism in the city. It attracts.

Diyarbakir and the west, even in the past years, a long-term rail renovation work was done. This drop in after work in order 1935 and 80 Republic of Turkey Diyarbakir years serving the State Railways (TCDD) Diyarbakır Station Renovation of the building began. The historical building, which is registered as a cultural asset, will be both repaired and painted.

Since the opening of a large scale renovation work has been done several times in different colors painted in the garage for the first time such a work is being signed. In addition to providing services to citizens in a modern building, he wants the building to be constructed in accordance with its original structure.

A Modern Future

The contractor firm, which will renew the Diyarbakır Station Building, has started working. The facade of the building, whose roof will be completely renewed, will be painted in a way similar to the first time it was opened. Within the scope of the works, the platform is completely removed, but it is intended to be restored in this area after editing. In addition to all of these, the walls of the lower passage that provided the passage between the platforms were renewed last year. In the building where the modernization was intended to be made a modern one, the disabled passengers were moved to certain points in escalators and elevators. When the work is finished, the historical building is expected to have a contemporary look.

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