Construction contract for Kocaeli tram line was completed

Construction contract for the Kocaeli tram line was completed: The contract was signed between Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality for the tram line to be built in Kocaeli.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality signed a contract with the company that won the 7 kilometer long tram line tender between SEKA Park and Otogar in Izmit. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın and Gülermak Board of Directors Deputy Chairman Necdet Demir attended the meeting. The line is scheduled to end in February 2017.

At the ceremony, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Assoc. Dr. Speaking after the presentation made by Tahir Büyükakın, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu said, “Kocaeli is a city that receives a lot of immigration. The places that used to be towns are now fully developed and still continue to evolve. Kocaeli is an industrial and port city. It is a rapidly developing city with many different features. Fast growing industrial cities have big problems. We experienced important changes and transformations in the infrastructure and environment in Kocaeli. Our city has experienced very important changes compared to 5-10 years ago. We made this change with our tradesmen, our people, our government, our mayors, our people and our staff. But the biggest problem of developing cities is transportation. They have eased the transportation problem of cities in developing countries with the rail system ”.

Stating that Kocaeli is a rapidly developing city, Karaosmanoğlu said, “The bridge we built 5 years ago and the crossroad built 10 years ago are not enough anymore. It is not possible. Improvements are also not enough. We conducted scientific studies on the transportation problem. We have important information. But these do not happen immediately. The rail system is the product of a piece of the information we obtain. Our improvements continue. We are also experiencing problems with the highways. Our projects have been approved. The rail system is an event we are late. We take the first step with the tram. We will get on our tram at the beginning of 2017. We will improve the tram. There will be places we will extend. The tram will not solve our problem either. The city is growing day by day. In 2023, the population is expected to be 2,5 million. We do all kinds of infrastructure studies and researches related to the subway. We took the steps of our projects. Tram is a light rail system. Now it is necessary to introduce the city with a heavier transportation system that goes underground and does not get stuck at intersections. We are throwing our first man to Izmit. We are doing the necessary work in Gebze. We are doing integration studies with Istanbul and Marmaray. There are efforts to unite Marmaray with Gebze, Çayırova and Dilovası. We want to pave the way for the city for the future. Ports and transportation of logistics areas also concern us. We make necessary meetings with the Ministry of Transport and related institutions and organizations. We are taking our first step with Akçaray ”.
After the speeches, Gülermak signed a contract for the construction of the tram between the Municipality of Kocaeli and the Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli. After the signatures, the countdown of the 550 day, where the tram will be built, has started. The total line length of 7 and 11 station line will cost 113 million 990 thousand pounds. The construction of the line is planned to be completed within 550 working days. 16 will be demolished by expropriation. 8 thousand cubic meters will be excavated in total for the infrastructure of the tram line, and 340 thousand cubic meters will be used for material filling. A total of 213 thousand 28 meters of corrugated rail will be manufactured along the tram line. 800 signaling arrangements will be made at the intersections of the highway and tram lines. If the 16 is an area of ​​one thousand square meters, parking, maintenance, control and administrative center of tram cars will be built. 30 thousand 5 square meters for administrative offices will be built indoor office space.

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