Kony electric bus tender with E-Bus Bozankaya kazanoutside

Kony electric bus tender with E-Bus Bozankaya kazandı: Organized by Konya Metropolitan Municipality, the first electric bus tender in Turkey was awarded with the domestic production E-Bus. Bozankaya kazanoutside

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, which has invested in modern and environmentally friendly public transportation systems, was the first local government to purchase electric buses in Turkey.

the pioneer of the electric bus production in Turkey Bozankaya, the first tender opened kazansigned an agreement for four electric buses to be delivered to Konya Metropolitan Municipality. The tender was awarded with an offer of 1 million 436 thousand Euros. kazanan Bozankaya company had previously delivered 60 CNG buses to the municipality as a result of the CNG bus purchase tender opened by the Konya Metropolitan Municipality. Konya Metropolitan Municipality, which always follows the latest technologies and innovative solutions in the field of public transportation, established the first tram system in Anatolia and realized the infrastructure tender for the first battery-powered tram system. Konya, which previously bought natural gas (CNG) buses with its environmentalist approaches, decided to continue its investments with electric buses. As a result of the successful results obtained in the test drives, Konya, which decided to include electric buses in bus purchases, bid 1 million 436 thousand Euros for the tender it opened in this direction. kazanan Bozankaya signed a contract with the company.


Mustafa Eşgi, Head of Transportation Planning and Rail System Department of Konya Metropolitan Municipality; X In our province where average 285 thousand people use public transportation per day, we always use our preferences for environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions. For this reason, we included the electric bus in our new purchases. Thus, we have signed another first in our country. Before the tender process, we examined many different electric buses. In this sense Bozankaya We had the chance to experience the technological advantages of E-Bus in test drives. Also before BozankayaWe have received 60 CNG buses from. Our satisfaction with both these vehicles and the performance, fuel economy and comfort offered by electric buses during test drives has been effective in our decision to purchase electric buses “. Bozankaya'S representing Turkey's first electric bus E-Bus technology with electric buses and among the pioneers in the international arena. Bozankaya E-Bus; energy consumption is low, efficient and environmentally friendly tool stands out. Battery system, R & D center in Germany Bozankaya The production of E-Bus developed by GMBH Bozankaya Inc. by. The E-Bus offers an 200 km range guarantee when charging, while the average 260-320 km travels in the city.

Mustafa Eşgi stated that they had received very positive feedback from both the driver and the passengers during the test drives. “We plan to use our new electric buses on all lines in the city center and at the Science Center. We think that the average daily 3.000 passenger will use our electric buses. We are planning to include electric buses in our next bus purchases. Bundan

Electric buses underline that E-Bus is a very important step in public transport and that Konya Metropolitan Municipality has made a forward decision with the preference of electric buses. Bozankaya Aytunç Günay, Chairman of the Board of Directors; “The E-Bus provides many advantages in urban close-up transportation with its environmentally and cost-effective technology. We have meticulously completed our R & D studies for our electric buses and started to produce our vehicles. The first electric bus in Turkey, was a source of great pride for us to be able to offer as a domestic manufacturer. We also thank Konya Metropolitan Municipality for trusting and supporting domestic production vehicles. There is no doubt that our electric buses, which offer many advantages together, will bring a new breath to Konya public transportation services hizmet.

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