Towards the End of Çambaşı Ski Resort

Towards the End of the Çambaşı Ski Facility Construction: It has been reported that the ski resort, which was built by the Büyükşehir Municipality of Çambaşı Plateau at the altitude of 2000 in the district of Kabadüz, has come to an end.

Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Enver Yılmaz received information from the authorities during his examination at the ski resort.

Then, answering journalists' questions Yilmaz, Çambaşı ski facility, once completed stating it would be one of Turkey's top 5 largest ski resort, "In our country, sea and airport to the Army this facility which is closest to skip era in tourism," he said.

Expressing that Çambaşı is one of the most important tourism attraction centers of Ordu, Yılmaz said that the ski resort was built on 650 decares of land.

Yılmaz said that upon the completion of the project, Çambaşı will be the hope of tourism in Ordu and said:

“This facility will be the closest center to the sea and airport in our country. Within the complex of the ski center, there are 8 buildings and 2 chair lift mechanical lines in chalet architecture. About 1750 thousand meters long and 2000 meters wide track area of ​​the ski sport that will increase from 5 altitude to 35 altitude will be created. In the buildings within the facility, there will also be a health center, ticket sales and ski equipment sales points, food and beverage facilities at the lower and upper stations, 1 guest house and 1 technical infrastructure building. After the completion of this huge facility, Ordu will jump in tourism. ”

- “Transportation will be reduced to 45 minutes”

Stating that Çambaşı Plateau will further develop with ongoing investments, Yılmaz said, “Çambaşı plateau traffic will be relieved with the completion of the ongoing 37-kilometer road construction works between Kabadüz and Çambaşı. In addition, after the road construction works to be carried out at a distance of 17 kilometers between Kabadüz and Altınordu, between Çambaşı and Altınordu will reach a highway-standard road and the transportation time will be reduced to just 45 minutes. ”

Yilmaz, the project has come to an end, the facilities as soon as possible to open to the service of the people of the region, he added.

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