Bursaray broke down! Metro services disrupted in Bursa

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Bursaray broke down! Metro services in Bursa were disrupted: Bursaray in Bursa broke down again! While the metro services were delayed due to the signaling problem, the residents of Bursa, who were late for work, rebelled.

The journey of citizens who want to go to their workplaces by metro on the last working day of the week in Bursa once again turned into an ordeal.

Due to the signaling failure in the metro line, the flights were delayed.

This caused excessive density in the wagons.

As the voyages halted over half an hour, the Bursali reacted to the situation on social media.

Citizens said, “It is as if Bursaray metro carries animals, not people. No stopping, keep going. This morning again malfunction! The nation has subways underground. Our people cannot operate the tram properly. Applause to you this morning, even the Bursa metro, which ruined all the trips when one subway failed. They shared their message "Half an hour subway breakdown will only happen here at the time of commuting when the metro is used the most."

Announcements were made at the stations: "Train services are delayed due to the problem in the signal."

Due to the failure of the line due to the failure of the fish trip to the locals had to ride, some of the people who can not ride a car waiting in the stations for a long time.


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