Bozdag Ski Center tender canceled new tender 18 in August

Bozdag Ski Center canceled the tender for the new tender in August 18: Bozdağ Uludag described as the Aegean, the ski hire 29 canceled the tender for the year.

According to reports, 2013 years in the avalanche damaged as a result of falls and closed Bozdag Ski Center Bütünşeh Act and after the transfer of the special provincial administration from the General Directorate of Forestry, 29 to hire annual 5 was given bid 2015 tender opened in June xnumx't. The highest bid made in the Bayındır Forest Management Directorate was found to be 4 thousand liras per year. It was learned that the tender was canceled due to a number of problems in the contract process following the tender. 451 is the day for the facilities to be closed for years, but a new date has been determined for the rental tender. The new rental tender will be held at Xinx August 2 Tuesday at the Bayındır Forest Management Directorate.


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