Tram Exit from President Aziz Kocaoğlu

Aziz Kocaoglu
Aziz Kocaoglu

Speaking about the tram line that will pass through M. Kemal Sahil Boulevard, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “It is very difficult to reconstruct trams in cities with a well-established infrastructure. We got the project done. We ran into certain problems when we switched to the app. We do our best to minimize these problems. We do not have a personality like 'we said what we said, I won't go back on my word'. We are trying to do the healthiest without entering the road of no return. If I'm wrong, I'll gladly admit it, I'll do my best for the truth,” he said, and added: “Tomorrow, when the tram starts operating, when the tram from Izmir meets the comfort of the tram, we will see together how much of an investment we have made.”

İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, who participated in the "Yüz Yüze" program broadcast live on Ege TV, made important statements regarding the city's agenda, from transportation to the 84th İzmir International Fair, from the election process to private administration properties.

In the program presented by Journalist-Author Mehmet Karabel, Mayor Kocaoğlu evaluated AK Party İzmir Deputy Hamza Dağ's statement that “Ministry of Youth and Sports will build a gymnasium for 10 thousand people in İzmir if Metropolitan or district municipalities show a place” the place is already in you ”he said. Mayor Kocaoğlu reminded that there are approximately 80 decares of places allocated to the General Directorate of Youth and Sports as a stadium and sports facility in Örnekköy and said, “I don't understand what kind of business this is. National and state ownership of property immovable properties in Turkey. National Real Estate allocates land. I am not the Minister of Finance. I'm also the General Manager of National Real Estate. I'm not at all a Minister or Prime Minister over them. I am the Mayor. How does the mentality holding the real estate that we have determined together demand a gym place from us? I am presenting this for the information of our countrymen. "Let the municipalities show a place, the money is ready" statement was made. If the money is ready, the place is yours. Then we found 80 acres of land. Do it there. Where to find a place? If the President instructed the Minister of Sports, I think they probably found the place, ”he said.

I'd be a hawk to get my rights

Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “With the closure of the Special Administration, İzmir had outgoing goods. You reacted seriously and said 'justice will make the right decision'. Now these goods come to the Metropolitan through judgment one by one, but you do not show your joy at all. Is there a reason for this? " “This upbringing, personality… If it hurts, if certain rights are taken away from you, you should struggle; you have to be a hawk. You should be a pigeon when you start winning, when you get stronger. This is my personality. Now we earn Special Administration property, the judiciary gives us. Showing does not help the city or anything. These goods are Izmir's property, Izmir's wealth. This is how the judiciary ruled. We tried to buy land for construction site buildings. Now we're giving up on him ”.

Call to subscribers of agricultural water

"Do you regret this practice?" Mayor Kocaoğlu, who also made a statement regarding the question, said that they do not regret; Stating that they started the agricultural water subscription for the subscribers who feed animals and plant vegetables in the courtyard of their house, he called on the residents of İzmir not to be used beyond the purpose of the application.

Number of passengers will increase with new piers

Emphasizing that as the number of piers increases, they will use the middle bay more actively and the number of passengers will increase, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor continued his speech as follows:

“We haven't opened a new line yet. We only travel to Foça. Mavişehir Pier must be built to increase the number of passengers. We will do the Körfez EIA immediately when it becomes available. If we build a pier in Karataş and start trips to Güzelbahçe and Urla, the use of the sea will increase. Our ships are both fast and very safe and comfortable. I'm not affected by criticism on this issue because we have opened the horizons of navigation Turkey. Currently, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has ordered passenger ferries with the same infrastructure to the same shipyard. Hasan Tahsin will come to the city in September and Ahmet Piriştina in 3 months ”.

Comfortable transportation to Buca

Responding to criticism that the Buca rail system was delayed in the program, Mayor Kocaoğlu, Konak and Karşıyaka Reminding that they evaluated the Buca tram within the same framework while their trams went to the project tender, but they stopped working when the Ministry of Transport said 'we will do it', “This is why the delay happened. Now, we are doing the project tender of the 9.5-kilometer Buca metro line. "We will extend the line from Üçyol to Buca Koop residences as a continuation of the subway".

We accept if we have a mistake, we do it right

Evaluating the latest developments regarding the tram line that will pass through Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard, Mayor Kocaoğlu stated that the work on the route of the line has been carried out and that they will then decide:

“It is very difficult, very difficult to build a tram again in cities with established infrastructure. We also got the project done. We encountered certain problems when we started implementation. We strive to minimize these problems. There was a problem due to the omission of some details during the project. But we don't have a personality like 'we said what I said, I will not break my word'. We try not to make a mistake, if we have a mistake, we return from our mistake by sharing it with the public. We had passed through the green area first. Then we looked at both the green area is shrinking and there is a parking factor. Nearly 1000 parking lots are going. We worked on Mithatpaşa Street. Here, too, from the direction of Hatay to the uphill, crossings to the coastal boulevard, turns and in some places there are narrow gorges, it is not a straight street. This time we made a re-evaluation. We never thought about the infrastructure cost, we even thought 'the transformer should be underground, no matter how much money goes'. Of course, we are not going to throw our money on the streets, but we do not consider the costs in important projects. Then we went back to Sahil Boulevard again. We wanted to go and come and go, the line of the Grand Canal Project appeared before us. Now we are playing in the central median, leaving 3 lanes and finishing the works as the fourth lane on the tram. We will decide this. We are trying to do the best without going on the road of no return. If I have a mistake, I will gladly accept it and do my best for the truth. "

Tram is a must

President Kocaoğlu, who answered the question of whether a tram is necessary in Izmir, "definitely needs", said, “The third lane, the right lane, is either used as a bus or as a parking lot. We remove the bus and replace it with the tram. More comfortable, safe. All developed cities of Europe use this. In delicate places like this, it's not easy to do power work like this. We strive to do the healthiest job. "When the tram starts working tomorrow, when Izmir meets the comfort of the tram, we will see together how much of an investment we have made."

Fair can be a partner in Izmir

Mehmet Karabel's "Are you going to partner with Fair Izmir?" President Kocaoğlu, who also answered the question, said that they wanted to enlarge the Izmir fair business and that their doors are open to foreign partners, but their only rule is not money but the win of the city.

Stating that they do not intend to transfer Fair Izmir to anybody, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “Fairs is a slippery sector. He does it here today, he may shift elsewhere tomorrow. We do not give it complete to prevent this, but our door is open to everyone. We want to ensure that the fair grows and stays in Izmir ”.

I don't interfere in congresses

Responding to the allegations that the CHP is a party in the Karabakh congress, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “I neither talked over the phone nor met with any party members in Karabakh, including our mayor. I say it with all my sincerity. I tell the party friends who called me on the phone, 'I won't call' before the congress is over. I have not been a party to any of our districts, I did not make any referrals. CHP members are people who already know politics. They know much better than I do what to decide in their own neighborhoods, ”he said.

The Mayor's Office

Evaluating the 11-year term of mayor in the program, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “The Metropolitan Municipality is a completely different university, a school of life. You load so much information to represent that seat, to be successful. You are eating yogurt by asking for a long time in many issues. You learn this during your term of office as if you were climbing stairs. The presidency has been a great spiritual wealth for me. I experienced the spiritual pleasure of serving our Izmir. Many events have passed through our heads, we came out with a whirl. These tasks already require dedication. Otherwise, it is not easy to be successful in such lofty duties, to be generally accepted and to receive blessings. Thanks to the great support of our fellow citizens from Izmir, we were assigned. Izmir has been entrusted to us ”,

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