Babadağ Ropeway Project approved

The Babadağ Teleferic Project was approved: In Babadağ, which is home to the world-famous paragliding center in Fethiye, the cable car project planned for many years was approved.

AK Party MPs of Muğla Hasan Özyer and Hasan Kökten's initiative in the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, the long-awaited leri Babadağ B Type Promenade and Cable Car yer project was approved.

Speaking during his visit to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Fethiye, MP Özyer thanked the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs Minister Veysel Eroğlu for his approval of the project and the ministry officials and the Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry for their great efforts.

Özyer stated that they will continue to work for the development of the region's tourism. Our conquest will be strengthened in terms of service, employment and economy. I wish the promenade and ropeway project to be beneficial to Fethiye and our fellow citizens. Mes

Özyar, it works a little heavy bureaucracy in Turkey, stressing that the need for strict follow-up to completion of a project when prompted. The project related to the 4-5 said they received their approval by pointing Ozyer, Muğla's interest in the interests of the work they will follow the follow-up.

Fethiye TSO President Akif Arıcan expressed that the project will make a significant contribution to tourism in Fethiye. Pointing out that Babadağ is taking firm steps to become a world brand with paragliding activities, Arıcan stated that the ropeway project will add fame to the fame of Babadağ.

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