Armed Attack on the Amsterdam Paris Train

Amsterdam Paris Train
Amsterdam Paris Train

The Paris Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor's Office launched an investigation regarding the armed attack on the Belgian Thalys High Speed ​​Train, which was going from Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, to Paris, the capital of France.

The prosecutor's office in a statement, a person with a Kalashnikov brand 2 3 injured people were wounded with an attack was announced. Captured attacker in his suitcase with many razor blades are specified. In the meantime, AFP's police sources, based on the news of the attack was emphasized by the French intelligence was emphasized.

French President François Hollande made a statement on the attack, said that everything necessary to clarify the incident, he said. Prime Minister Manuel Valls announced the support for victims of the incident related to the mobilization of security forces said. Elyse said in a statement that President Hollande made a phone call with Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel about the attack.

Thanks to the Interior Minister to the American passengers

In the evening, the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve visited Arras, where the incident occurred. Indicating that the incident took place at 17.45 local time, Cazeneuve said he congratulated the two American passengers on the train for their courage in capturing the attacker who carried out the attack, which he described as "barbaric violence". At the time of the event, two American soldiers in civilian clothes on the train were neutralized and handed over to the security forces at the first station.

The famous French actor was on the train during the attack.

Meanwhile, the French actor, Jean Hugues Anglade, who was on the train during the incident, was reportedly injured slightly while shooting the alarm signal on the train. Arras Station which was closed after the attack was re-opened later.

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