Alpine Skiing National Team entered the camp in Sarikamis

Alpine Skiing National Team entered the camp in Sarikamis: Alpine Skiing National Team entered the summer camp in Sarikamis district for the preparation of international organizations.

Cıbıltepe Ski Center and Youth Services and Sports District Directorate continues to work in the team, 2 bin 500 in the forest in the forest area of ​​culture physics, fitness, running, and is working to open the breath.

Skiing Federation Alp Discipline Technical Committee Member Cüneyt İnaç said that they deem it appropriate to camp here this year as they are satisfied with the summer condition camp held in Sarıkamış last year.

Emphasizing that Sarıkamış is a very ideal place in terms of high altitude camp, İnaç said, “In line with the decision of our federation president and members of the board, we are organizing our first camp in Sarıkamış this year. Here we plan to camp in Isparta at a lower altitude after 10 days of camping. Then, in December, we will participate in the international Erzurum and Sarıkamış cups. Then we will participate in the races in Europe. According to the performance here, we aim to participate strongly in the Winter Olympics to be held in Korea in 2018. ”

National Team Coach Vicdan Tetik Tığlı stated that the camping environment is within the natural beauties, the high altitude is good for the athletes to combine with the nature, the energy stored here aim to achieve great success in competitions, he said.

Aygen Yurt athletes in the camp are very well prepared under the supervision of their instructors, stressed that they are very happy to do sports in nature.

In the camp, the 15 athlete 10 will do 4 hours a day in the morning and under the supervision of coaches during the day.

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