Bomb attack on freight train in Erzincan

Erzincan cargo train bomb attack: Erzincan-Divrigi expedition passenger and freight train exploded during the transition. It turned out that the explosion took place in the tunnel. During the incident, a passenger was shocked and another passenger injured his foot.

Near the Acemoğlu Tunnel, which is 10 kilometers away from Erzincan's Kemah district, an explosion occurred during the passage of the train, with the first 2 wagons carrying passengers and 9 wagons. In the explosion, one of the passengers was shocked, the other was caught in the foot, some wagons were damaged.

After the explosion, passengers taken to the first car, was taken to the town of Kemah.


From the Erzincan clock 14.00 ranks Sivas Divriği to set off to go to the machinist Ş.G. 42821 2 9 11 330 60 wagon attack on the train, XNUMX'un appeared to occur in the tunnel bombing. After passing the Acemoglu Bridge, the XNUMX passenger tunnel was passing through the XNUMX passenger train.

In the explosion at the tunnel exit, the 7 cargo wagon remained outside and other wagons remained outside. Wagons' windows were damaged, while some of the seats were dislodged. Fındık Eraslan and Bekir Şaban Eraslan were slightly injured by the shock of the panic and the explosion. The wounded were called to the event by ambulances and were taken to Mengücek Gazi Training and Research Hospital. When the security forces after the attack conducted investigations in the region, the 3 wagon was taken out of the region.


Erzincan Governor Suleyman Kahraman, Erzincan-Divriği expedition during the passage of passengers and freight trains, said they considered the terrorist attack.

Kahraman said that the explosive laid on the rails was detonated during the exit of the mixed train 42821 running between Erzincan and Divriği from Acemoğlu Tunnel.

Stating that there were about 60 passengers on the train, Kahraman said, “Passengers in the train with 11 wagons reached Kemah. "One of the passengers on the train was shocked, one was injured in his foot."

Stating that the type of explosive has not been determined yet, Kahraman said, "We consider it as a terrorist attack." Two passengers were slightly injured in the explosion that took place at noon during the passage of the mixed train, which made the Erzincan-Divrigi flight.



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