The toll of the Bay Bridge is astonishing

The Osmangazi Bridge
The Osmangazi Bridge

The Passage of the Gulf Bridge is Lip-Boring: When the foundation of the Gulf Bridge was laid in 2010, the toll was announced as $ 35 VAT. The rate was doubled from 1.43 at that time to 60 lira, today at $ 2.79.

Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge, which is the most important crossing point of Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir Motorway Project, which will reduce Istanbul-Izmir to 3,5 hours, will be put into service in March. The bridge's toll has doubled with the rise in the dollar.


The groundbreaking ceremony of the bridge was held on October 29, 2010. The transition fee of the bridge at that time was announced as 35 dollars + VAT. The bridge toll is still $ 35; However, when the passage price is announced, the dollar rate is 1.43 and today it is based on 2.80 TL. With the price announced in 2010, citizens will be able to cross the Gulf for 60 TL, while the transition price of the bridge will be quite high compared to today's rate.


The Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir (Izmit Gulf Crossing and Connection Roads) Motorway Project, which is tendered by the General Directorate of Highways under the Build-Operate-Transfer model, covers the 384 kilometer, including the 49 kilometer highway and the 433 kilometer linkage road. One of the most important steps of this project is the construction of the İzmit Bay Crossing Bridge.

Currently, the cat trail exceeding 50 meters on both sides is expected to be completed in the coming days. It was stated that after the completion, the main cable, consisting of 330 thousand cables, will start.


Once completed, the bridge, which will serve with 3 lanes and 3 arrivals with a total of 6 lanes, will also be the world's 4th largest suspension bridge. The bridge will have reduced the Istanbul-Izmir highway to 3,5 hours and Gebze-Orhangazi road to the shortest time. At the same time, the confluence of those who want to spend the holiday outside Istanbul, especially during the summer and holiday holidays, will be slightly reduced on the land routes and ferry piers.


Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Işık recently made investigations on the Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge, which is still under construction. Işık said that it was planned to cross the bridge at the end of March 2016. Indicating that the renewal of the 'cat trail' ropes between the towers of the bridge is continuing, Işık noted that the ropes were brought from Japan and renewed, and that the works are planned to be completed on 15 August.

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