Karşıyaka Some trees were ripped out for the tram line

Karşıyaka Some trees were removed for the tram line: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Karşıyaka Some of the trees in the Bostanlı section of the tram were removed with a midnight operation.

Karşıyaka- Metropolitan Municipality, which started the rail laying works of the residence tram projects from Caher Dudayev Boulevard, recently faced the reaction of the citizens who opposed the cutting of the palm trees on the route. Taking a step back on the actions of the citizens, Metropolitan, Karşıyaka To avoid damaging the palm trees on the tram, the line first shifted 5 meters to the sea. Considering the mimosa, black pepper and vegetation here, he set off the line as mixed traffic this time.

Ripped out
In the Bostanlı section of the tram route, the middle refuge and the trees at the junction could not survive the dismantling. In order to avoid any reactions, the metropolitan ripped up some trees in the middle of the night with special machines to be planted elsewhere.


Günceleme: 07/12/2018 16:16

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