The charm of Hasan Mountain will be increased

Hasan Dağı 's charm will be increased: Aksaray Governor Şeref Ataklı, HASAN Mountain active and summer events can be organized in the summer, he said.

A meeting was held in the Meeting Hall of the Governor's Office on the Hasan Mountain Winter Sports and Ski Center Project under the chairmanship of Governor Şeref Ataklı. Aksaray Mayor Haluk Şahin Yazgı, Deputy Governor Şahin Bayhan, Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration Ramazan Altundağ, Secretary General of the Ahiler Development Agency Mehmet Fatih Yıldız, Ahiler Development Agency Aksaray Provincial Representative Resul Olcay, Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Mustafa Doğan and Serse Teleferikten Selcuk Esiner joined. In the meeting, detailed presentation was made by Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism on the current situation and tourism potential of Mount Hasan. Hasan Mountain Winter Sports and Ski Center in the winter months with skiing and other activities, climbing in the summer, will make the region more attractive with outdoor sports and other sports activities, according to the calculations of approximately 215 thousand people a year calculated that the participation in the Mount Hasan said. . In the meeting, a presentation was made by Hasan Esucu, Serse Ropeway Officer, about the Hasan Mountain Ski Center Project. Detailed information about the project prepared by the Governor Şeref Ataklı, Hasan Mountain is a high potential in terms of tourism diversity, stating that the facilities to be developed here in the summer as well as active in the summer and this potential should be used, he said.

Hasan Mountain Winter Sports and Ski Center Project 5 to be made in the presentation of the mechanical slope of the 10 kilometer ski slope can be reached smoothly and people who want to ski at all levels to respond to the wishes of the people who want to meet Selçuk Esiner, one to meet the daily needs of the people who come to the plant 160, 60 person with the capacity of the 2 day trip facility he planned. Esiner stated that the facilities are located especially in the region where the skiers will use the new skiing area and farklı 5 2 will be a different route and 5 will be a very convenient ski area with different slopes and different slopes. We consider that people who want to reach the summit of Hasan Mountain will also make serious demands. From here, it will benefit from the regional potential by increasing the attractiveness of our region which is especially effective in summer tourism and creating an alternative travel area. Buradan

1995 2 announced in the tourism zone in the XNUMX day-resort facility, private sector in the region by taking an active role in the accommodation and additional service needs to make many facilities can be specified, the private sector to provide the investment for the parcels were already specified.