Important Statements from Samsun Governor İbrahim Şahin for High Speed ​​Train

Important Explanations for High Speed ​​Train from Samsun Governor İbrahim Şahin: Governor of Samsun İbrahim Şahin made important statements about Ankara-Samsun high speed train project. Samsun Governor İbrahim Şahin said that the high-speed train must come to Samsun.

Samsun Governor İbrahim Şahin met with the press members who participated in the high-speed train trip between Ankara and Konya recently. Samsun Governor İbrahim Şahin, who came together with the press members about the high-speed train project in Sevgi Kafe of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, also reacted to some criticism made against the press members who participated in the trip.

Reminding the journalists that they are organizing high-speed train trip between Ankara and Konya as Governor of Samsun, Governor İbrahim Şahin pointed out that this study aims to create public opinion in Samsun on high-speed train.

Emphasizing that almost everyone in Samsun wants the high-speed train to come, but that more perception should be created in the city, İbrahim Şahin said, “The more we raise our voices, the more voices we have about the high-speed train, the faster we do this in Ankara. This was the purpose of our trip. We wanted our journalist friends not to be told by us, but to see and see the high-speed train on the spot and live and travel. Accordingly, we wanted them to come and explain their comfort about high-speed train here. We have reached our goal in this regard. Our concern was not to convince the public in this regard. It was to be able to announce the voice of the public about the high speed train in Samsun to Ankara. The organized trip has reached its goal in this sense. "

If they're waiting for my call, I will never call.
“However, there were some criticisms about the organized trip. We thank twice to the positive writer on this matter. But I also thank the negative writers. They see it that way, they understand it. Also, if they are waiting for me to call why they wrote like this, I will never call. I am not looking for those who wrote in my favor. If they want friends, they will finally write whatever style their items are suitable for writing. I also respect this. But it is a disrespect to their colleagues to humiliate those who have gone, and to make them ordinary, as if the friends do not have the opportunity to travel. The goal is to turn this into a promotional cycle. Here, we will be successful if there is only one voice in Samsun about high speed train. We started a study in this sense. But our sadness is that we are saddened by the money that says he will join us, who bought us tickets, but because our ticket was burned. I would like to ask you. not to convince the public about the high-speed train issue, but to convince Ankara with the public in Samsun. The construction of the high-speed train will be completed in five years even if it has been started. ”

“Samsun Governor İbrahim Şahin, who also responded to the criticism about not participating in the organized tour, said,“ I thank you for attending the trip even though I did not come. Thank you for reaching our goal. Because we want to create a public opinion for the high-speed train to be built in Samsun. But this public opinion is not to convince the public in Samsun. In order to make the public formed in Samsun more effective in Ankara, General Directorate of State Railways. In order to bring the faster, faster train to Samsun. Samsun public wants the high-speed train. For this, we wanted to take the journalists in Samsun to the high-speed train. This project will be implemented in Samsun if we can do it. Our goal is to speed it up. For this, the cost of zero roads between Delice and Havza will be almost as cheap as the highway. No viaduct bridge is required here. Therefore, the cost will be very low. What is the problem here. If we can bring the high-speed train to Samsun, the people working in Ankara will not move their home from here. We have high level judicial staff friends, their houses are going to and from Ankara, Konya. There are big universities, they will come from Istanbul, if there are high-speed trains, they will teach and go. We cannot take advantage of them. "

“We had an advantage like this. While giving a briefing in the Metropolitan Municipality of our Prime Minister in Samsun, he said why you do not want a high-speed train while we are talking about the normal train. Our President said that a high-speed train will come to Samsun. We went to the office, we sent the President to the President about the high-speed train, surgical instruments and the airline to the Northern countries. So why do we gather journalists? Not for touristic travel. I did not say that I will go with journalists. But some of the friends may have thought that if the Governor is organizing this, the Governor will come. Instead of the word of protection, we would say if the tickets would be bought by the Governorate. What we said would be criticized. We want to create public opinion in Samsun on high-speed train and force Ankara. Maybe it will arrive in 2035. Can we pull this back to 2025. The faster the high-speed train arrives in Samsun, Samsun wins. This is what I would say about Samsun public opinion. If we move fast, if we raise our voices, we will earn this investment in a short time. Let's talk about what your friends write and draw from time to time. I am slowly slipping into the situation of some managers. I am now trying not to take it when I read more local newspapers in the past. However, we have talked about this before. I said, "Know the opportunity," he said.



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