Governor Whips Inspect Mount Yama Ski Resort

Governor Kamci, Yama Mountain Ski Resort Investigated: Malatya Governor Solomon Kamci, ongoing construction and planned to enter into service this winter Yama Mountain Ski Center found.

Governor Süleyman Kamçı, along with representatives of the press broadcaster, went to Yama Mountain in the borders of Hekimhan and Sivas at the weekend. Governor Kamci, who conducted observations at Yama Mountain Ski Center, received information about the studies from the Provincial Director of Youth and Sports, Sadi Fındıklı.

In the 37 room and 72 bed in the construction of the ski resort, the hotel is located in Kamiş, Yama Mountain. The facility is located in the 500 meter ski lift and ski slope as well as 37 rooms in the accommodation section of the facility. The last standard hotel, cafeteria, sports fields and walkways stating that the whip, Yama Mountain Ski Resort service in the region, especially in the winter will be a center of attraction, he said.

After inspections in the ski resort, Governor Kamci and his companions went to Yamadagi Cekem Plateau to watch Cirit and Tura Game hosted by Yazan Mayor Nevzat Ozturk. Mayor Ahmet Çakır, Ak Parti Malatya Deputy Bülent Tüfenkci, Battalgazi Mayor Selahattin Gürkan, Arapgir Mayor Haluk Cömertoğlu, Hekimhan Mayor Ali Seydi Millioğulları, Doğanşehir Mayor Vahap Küçük, Akçadağ Mayor Ali Kazgan, Old Province General Assembly President Naci Shavata and the members of parliament attended.

The members of the protocol that stayed in the bristle tent in the plateau followed the game of Tura, which is a game unique to the region as well as the javelin competition. The program was quite colorful images of members of the protocol and members of the press spent a nice weekend.

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