Visually impaired journalist drove the subway to realize his dream

Visually impaired journalists took the subway realizing dream: seeing disabilities living in Adana journalist Cuneyt Arat, which was a big dream of driving Turkey's first subway Vatm NEW visually impaired.

Visually impaired journalist Cüneyt Arat, who is well known by the public, realized his biggest dream as a vatman in the subway of Adana Metropolitan Municipality. Arat, who had the chance to ride the metro as a result of the Metropolitan Mayor Hüseyin Sözlü's knowledge of his dream, took a comfortable ride by sitting on the seat. Having the joy of realizing his biggest dream, Arat emphasized that he was very happy. Explaining that driving the subway is beyond imagination for him, Arat said, “It made me very happy that our Metropolitan Mayor Hüseyin Sözlü and his team helped me on this issue. Adana Metropolitan Municipality has always had very good projects related to disabled citizens. Efforts to remove the barriers of disabled citizens have been instrumental in leading a more prosperous life in this regard. " he spoke.

Underlining the excitement of the metro with a driver by trusting him today, Arat said, “I am very happy and happy. Just like Metin Şentürk driving a Ferrari, we drove the subway today. Regarding this, I think that if disabled people are given trust and compassion, nothing will happen that they will not achieve. " found in the description.

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