French company Veolia withdrew from tram project in Israel

The French company Veolia withdrew from the tram project in Israel: the French company Veolia withdrew from the tram project Israel planned to do in Jerusalem.

The reason for the company's withdrawal from the project is that this tram line will serve Israel's plan to Judaize Jerusalem. Mahmud en-Nevacia, the General Coordinator of the BDS, which means çek boycott, isolation and sanction movement ini for Israeli products, said that the French company Veolia, which operates in many sectors, has withdrawn from the tram project, which links Israel's Jewish settlements in Jerusalem.

7 result of annual effort

Nevacia, BDS French company 7 years of pressure to express the fruit of the company in the tram and other areas of the company can pull back their investments, he said. Nevacia stated that the project was part of the leyen Judaizing Jerusalem ud plan. Ler The tram project was a project aimed at the Judaization of Jerusalem by linking Jewish settlements from the periphery of the city “.

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