BUDO Istanbul - Avsa Flights are starting

BUDO Istanbul - Avşa flights begin: Bursa Sea Busses (BUDO), which became a regional brand in sea transportation, added a new one to its flights and routes in the summer months. Previously, Bursa-Erdek-Marmara Island and BUDO, which are hunting flights, flights between Istanbul and Avsa start 2 on Sunday August.

Bursa Sea Buses, which provides fast, reliable and economical solutions for sea transportation, continues to diversify its Istanbul-Bursa flights during the year. BUDO 14 added İstanbul-Avşa to Bursa-Erdek-Marmara Island and Avşa flights starting on July. 2 Istanbul-Avşa flights start on August Sunday. Burulaş Bursa quality transportation and brand with the quality and assurance of each passing day, adding that a new one added to the General Manager Levent Fidansoy Burulaş, BUDO, both in terms of both in terms of transportation between the cities and tourism has made a significant contribution to the region, he said.
Reminding that BUDO is getting stronger every day like other Burulaş activities, Fidansoy said, “BUDO has been able to become an important alternative to the highway between Bursa and Istanbul since the first day of the expedition. In addition, we aimed to reach different audiences through periodic rotations and to contribute to the tourism sector with BUDO. When we look at this and our previous activities, we see that we have reached our goals. Bu

14 Fidansoy stated that he was satisfied with the interest of Erdek and Marmara Island flights that started in July and he believed that the Avşa expedition would see the same demand. Tal 14 The interest of holidaymakers was great for Erdek and Marmara Island flights we started in July. 2 I believe that the Istanbul-Avşa expedition will experience the same intensity as of August. X

In the form of a round trip, the 4 voyage will take place on a weekly basis in the Istanbul-Avsa line is as follows: Every Friday Avşa - kabataş: 14.15, Every Sunday Avşa - Kabataş: 17.00, Every Friday Kabataş - Avşa: 18.30, Every Sunday Kabataş - Avşa: 21.00 .

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