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Bar Street operators X Show us the place,: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality completed the tenders in the Izmit Tram Project, completed the projects, announced the 7 kilometer route. In the coming days will be hit by digging, construction of the tram road will begin.

Metropolitan Municipality prepared and finalized Tram Road project, Izmit on Şahabettin Bilgisu Street, the street entrance, where the bar for many years operated as a separate venue 11 found predicts the collapse of the nationalized building. Demirsoy Ishani, the home of Telecom, and then the 11 Bara at Bar Street, will be demolished.

With the arrival of the AKP in local power in 2004, it is known that everyone in the province has great restrictions on the sale of alcohol, especially in Izmit. The last places that burdened the entertainment life in Izmit nights were squeezed into this area called Bar Street. If the Metropolitan Municipality demolishes the building where the bars are located due to the tram project, the owners here will not have the right to move the liquor license to another location. Licenses received with great difficulties will be canceled.

In fact, this issue has been on the agenda of the city for months. The contacts with the Metropolitan Municipality on behalf of the operators of the Barbar Street, the Management of Entertainment Places Investors Association continues. The head of the association, Yusuf Ziya Tom, who is also the owner of the Vidimo Bar in the region, said: “We are the organizations that carry out a very difficult job in Izmit and serve people who want to have fun in this city. We saw big prints from the police for a period. All of the facilities on Bar Street are the most supervised sites. We are working in accordance with the law. When the buildings are demolished by expropriation, we have no right to move these enterprises to another part of the city. We discussed this issue with the Metropolitan authorities. Secretary General Büyükakın told us to prepare a project. We have prepared a very nice project in which there are 40 shops, parking lots and all kinds of requirements. As the location, we chose the area at the back of the International Exhibition Center building. Secretary General Büyükakın, both the project, and the selected location, said they looked hot. We submitted the project to the Metropolitan in June. We're not making contact again. They're not turning to us, we're not seeing. Now it is mentioned about the collapse of the buildings. Metropolitan can put us in the middle. In this case, all of us and people working in the facilities will lose our bread. They want to make this city touristy. But when our violins close, there will be no more entertainment.

The executives of the Entertainment Places Investors Association also say that if the Metropolitan shows a place, they can make the Barlar Site project, which includes 40 shops they prepared. Yusuf Ziya Tom continued as follows: “In this city, places were shown for auto dealerships, wholesalers and furniture manufacturers, and sites were built. We want Metropolitan to show a place for us as well. Our project is ready. This city is not just a city of people living like AKP members. Who wants to have fun, after work, have two glasses with his wife, friend and friend sohbet There are people who want to say. Nobody has the right to ignore these people in the city. Let them show us a place. They found the place behind the International Exhibition Center suitable. If this is not the case, another location near the city may be shown. “

Facing the risk of losing their shops and licenses due to the tram project, the businessmen who operate the decent places in the Bar Street area said in our newspaper: We think that the destruction is done. Everybody look at the route. This way could be done before the Demirsoy Office block was demolished. In fact, other buildings would have to be expropriated in order to make the road more economical. Now we're having a bread fight. This city has a special attitude of management against drinking places. Adapazari in the neighboring city also has a AKP municipality. But in Adapazarı city center, drinking places can be opened, the license can be taken. In Kocaeli, we see such a strict attitude. They've already scooped down drinking places. We invested in these shops. If we could open a space with our beverage license after the building was destroyed, we still have no words to say. The Metropolitan deliberately demolishes buildings with bars under the pretext of the Tram project. We are ready to make a site that compiles the entertainment venues of Izmit. The Metropolitan has no right to play with our bread. They did the project, they said. Now they don't deal with us. Şimdi

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