Yildiz Mountain is preparing for new ski season


Yıldız Mountain is preparing for the new ski season: Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center continues preparations to increase the road standard and quality in the new season.

According to a written statement made by the Sivas Special Provincial Administration, General Secretary of Administration Salih Ayhan examined the works in the road and ski center and received information from the authorities.

Referring to the road works of the administration, Ayhan noted that Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center, which is among the prestige projects of the institution, continues its activities in order to increase the road standard and quality.

Providing information about the 82 kilometer road between Hot Çermik and the airport and the center, Ayhan stated that there is a need for a certain period of time for the construction of the zoning guide plans and the start of the works.

Pointing out that the Directorate of Road and Transportation Services has taken a certain distance by working intensively on the road to Yıldız Mountain for about 2 months, Ayhan said, “Our citizens will come to the ski center more comfortably with the pavement of our road and the placement of traffic signs. I would like to thank my colleagues who contributed to these studies and the authorities of our Sivas Highways Regional Directorate ”.

Ayhan stated that they will start the interior furnishing operations by completing the rough construction in 2 months in the ski center and emphasized that there is a hard work on the top of the chairlifts and behind the M3 station.

Ayhan stated that the 2015-2016 winter season will be experienced completely and smoothly on Yıldız Mountain.

Stating that they postponed the tender for the artificial profit system until July 28 due to the lack of the necessary competition condition, Ayhan said that the landscaping tender will be held on July 30, continued:

“Sivas follow us. We always say that Yıldız Mountain will add value to Sivas. It is difficult to work in this region, but we think we can achieve this. This year, after finishing the constructions, we will think about what more we will add to Yıldız Mountain. The important thing is infrastructure, drinking water, sewage, hotel, health house, administrative building, daily facilities, runway renewal, landscaping, lighting and road. We finish these. We will bring the ski center to an important point in 3 years. "

Ayhan noted that the Speaker of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, İsmet Yılmaz, always supported the ski resort and thanked those who contributed.