Budapest trains are now more modern

Budapest trains are now more modern: the winner of the modernization process tender for the 222 wagon, which is in service in Budapest, has been announced. The Russian company Metrovagonash won the bid, leaving behind the other 6 opponent.

The deal includes the modernization of 185 units Type 81-717 / 714 wagons, 10 units Type 81-717 / 714-2M wagons and 27 units Type EvnaNXX wagons. In the statement, the modernization content of the closed-circuit system assembly, mechanic and passenger compartment ventilation systems, equipment and equipment covering the renewal was specified.

It is estimated that 25 will be able to use more trains easily after modernization and renovation. The modernization of the first wagon contract is completed 265 days after the completion of the modernization and delivery of all wagons is expected to be completed in 34 months.


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