Train to Helsinki airport started

Train connections to Helsinki airport have started: the line between Finland Vontaa airport and Helsinki, the 1 was opened in July. This line is 18 km long and there is Vontaa airport at the other end of Helsinki central station at one end of the line. The line has a total of 5 stations.

Due to the continuation of the work of several stations within the line, 10 runs until July by train to Lentoasema and then to the airport by ring services.

Once the Lentoasema station is opened, the journey time from the airport to the Helsinki Central Station will be approximately 30 minutes. This line has 4 trains with 6 for every road.

The project was started in 2009 and was planned to be completed in 2014. However, due to the leaks in the tunnels during the construction, the completion of the project and the start of the test runs found the March 2015.

The project amount is 783 million Euros and it is covered by Finnish transportation agency. In addition, the project received funding from the European Union with funding of 44,8 million Euros.

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