Tokyo Metro Network Expands

Tokyo Metro Network Expands: Tokyo metropolitan administration announced the planning of the new subway line, which it predicts to end after the 2020 Olympic Games, which the city will host.

The plan for the expansion of city metro lines will be presented to the Ministry of Transport and Tourism of Japan later this month. If the plan is approved by the ministry, preparations will be completed until the 2016 year.

In line with the expansion of the lines, it is planned to open a line to the Shinagawa station, which has a point in the maglev line in the center of Tokyo. Another expansion plan will be from Tokyo station to Ginza, Harumi and Ariake and to the Rinkai region.

In another statement, it is stated that Tokyo, which has been developing day by day and increasing its population density, needs these lines and the planned lines will be opened and put into service as soon as possible in order to provide a better service to the citizens. The total amount of the planned projects is estimated to be around 320 billion Japanese Yen.




Günceleme: 07/12/2018 16:00

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