India's Titagarh Wagons to Open to Europe

Titagarh Wagons Expands to Europe: Indian train manufacturer Titagarh Wagons bought the Italian company Firema Transporti on 9 July, with the agreement.

In a statement from Titagarh Wagons, the company, which was purchased in Italy, emphasized that the company will have a more prominent role outside of India.

The Italian company Firema Transporti manufactures maneuvering locomotives and also has the capacity to repair the subway trains. After the acquisition, all of these activities will be done by the Indian firm Titagarh Wagons.

As it is known, Titagarh Wagons previously purchased some of the shares of the French train manufacturer IGF. At the same time, the American company entered into a partnership with FreightCar to bring American train technology to India, but soon the agreement was terminated mutually.



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