Uludağ Pleasure with Single Ticket


Uludağ Enjoyment with a Single Ticket: The new service of Bursa Teleferik AŞ hizmeti Mandıra-chairlift “with one ticket attracts great attention.

In a written statement made by Teleferik AS, only the 3 daily Ramadan Feast holiday during the 19 thousand passengers to the summit, the citizens of the beauty of Uludag reported to the satisfaction of delivering a modern service.

In the description, the following was recorded:

Ler Those who want to have a nice day in the cool air of Uludağ will be able to travel to Sarıalan Station with a single ticket, and from Hotel Station to Dairy Facilities when the line is opened. The ticket price covers the Teferrüç-Sarıalan cable car journey, the shuttle service from Sarıalan to the Mandıra Facilities, the grill menu to be taken at the Mandıra Facilities and the access to the summit of Uludağ from the chairlift from Mandıra. Bilet