TCDD throws 44 thousand pounds in Osmaniye

TCDD dumped 44 thousand liras in Osmaniye: 6 railroads located in Osmaniye city center in the direction of Toprakkale-Fevzipaşa by the 3th Regional Directorate of State Railways (TCDD), have completed the rubber (tire) coating at the level crossing, after 3 months. Although it is known that a renovation work will be carried out, 29 thousand liras and one level crossing concrete channel work was awarded to 15 liras, 44 thousand liras.

State Railways (TCDD) 6th Regional Directorate, in the direction of Toprakkale-Fevzipaşa, in the city center of Osmaniye, 3 train tracks will be covered with rubber (tire) at the level crossing, 3 months and 29 thousand lira. A number of grade-level concrete channel works were awarded to 15 liras, 44 thousand liras. According to the allegations, the contractor firm completed the rubber (tire) coating work at 29 level, at 3 level crossings, and received its money. Even though the same contractor firm did the concrete channel work for the level crossing in front of the cemetery on the Osmaniye Toprakkale road, the 15 thousand lira was still not paid by the 6th Regional Directorate of TCDD. TCDD 19th Regional Directorate will be put out to tender once again at 6:27.07.2015 on 14.00. After a total of 44 thousand lira level renovation work was done, starting from Toprakkale, 63 km of road renewal work started in the direction of Gaziantep. The work that took place for 3 thousand liras 44 months before the road renewal work was all wasted. Although it is known that the train line will be defeated, the people who heard that 44 thousand pounds of work was done in vain, stated how they lost the duty of 5 years in TCDD to be 6, XNUMX billion pounds.



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