Siemens Sent First HRS Train to Qatar

Siemens Sent the First HRS Train to Qatar: The first train produced by the German company Siemens for use in the Education City light rail system of Qatar is on the road. Siemens shipped the first order, which was 19 in total, by sea after the controls were completed at the company's test center in Wildenrath.

The train, consisting of 3 parts and a length of 27,7 meters, set out to be delivered to Qatar from the port of Bremerhaven in the north of Germany.

According to the agreement made between the Qatar Foundation and Siemens in 2012, Siemens not only produced the trains, but also undertook the systems such as signaling, communication systems and electrification of the 11,5 km line between Education City and Doha metro.

The line between Education City and Doha metro is expected to be operational soon after the first delivery.

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