Even the fastest train to Bursa is hard to find at 2023

The high-speed train to Bursa is even harder at 2023: Everything… How excited and hopeful it was. 23 In December 2012, everyone was laughing at the ground-breaking ceremony at Balat. For the high-speed train, ”2016 will start to work“ was announced.
There was no project for Yenişehir-Bilecik Stage. The answer to the questions, "political will or ends on time, do not worry," the answer was given.
So what…
23 The project, which was foreseen for the Bursa-Yenişehir Phase of the high-speed train at the 2012 in December, was completed during the construction of the tunnels due to the changes in the route and the ground problems. One of the feet of the viaduct in Balat.
That's why the high-speed train tunnels have been standing there since last summer.
By the way…
Again at the beginning of last summer on the Eastern section of the Ring Road, Izmir and Istanbul directions to Ankara direction Demirtaş viaducts near the collapse and landslide occurred.
This was due to the construction of the 1.255 meter-long T3 Tunnel for the high-speed train at the bottom of the road.
The highways asked the railroad to eliminate the damage caused by the road. Thereupon TCDD to collapse and repair road to repair the tender.
It was held at the auction 7 January 2015, but could not result.
In this process…
For the Yenişehir-Bilecik Stage, a new route was searched several times because of serious ground problems on the route. It was even thought that the next section of the high-speed train would be connected to Bozüyük via İnegöl-Mezitler.
After all ...
İnegöl Organized Industrial Zone was closer to Osmaneli. But the work of the project stopped and the arrival of the high-speed train was hopeless.
TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman, who knows and executes everything about the project, resigned as a candidate candidate for parliament in January following an invitation from the AK Party. Omer Yildiz was appointed as the head of the rail system from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.
Besides the…
6 is currently the Chairman of the Board of Directors of TCDD General Manager Yıldız and Member Adnan Köklükaya remained. The other 4 membership is empty.
All of this stopped functioning in the Railways. 7 The tender for the repair of the road, which was carried out in January and caused by the environmental road, cannot be finalized.
It is not clear what will be the high-speed train, when the construction starts and when it will come to Bursa. Even with the 2023.

Günceleme: 06/12/2018 18:04

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  1. If the trails run out then the train is fast though.

    Istanbul Bursa Izmir will be great if bridges and t-trains run out.

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