Rails are changing in Batıkent-Kızılay Metro line

The rails are changing in Batıkent-Kızılay Metro line. 18 has been informed that erosion occurred in the subway line serving for years.

Metropolitan Municipality, Kızılay-Batıkent began the maintenance work yesterday in the subway line. Studies will continue until August 3. During Ray change studies, transportation between Ulus ulaşım Sıhhiye will be provided on a single line. The voyages of the trains will be approximately 12 per minute. Officials of the General Directorate of EGO stated that there were erosions on the rails of Batıkent-Kızılay Metro, which has been in service for 18 years. Especially between Ulus and Sıhhiye places more maneuvering places than other places. In time we change these worn-out rails Zamanla. Authorities noted that the worn-out rails would be replaced with new ones in order to make safer journeys, and that the works were equivalent to the summer months when the schools were closed and the capitals went on holiday.


In order to prevent the citizens from being victimized during the time of the rail change studies, the officials stated that the transportation between Ulus and Sıhhiye would be provided on a single line and warned that passengers should follow the direction announcements to the stations and trains.

Günceleme: 07/12/2018 16:10

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